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We Are Dedicated To Our Customers

Simply put, we thrive on making Kredl’s the most complete and trusted food supplier in the Maritimes.

Things couldn’t be going any better this year. All that has made Kredl’s so great over the years is even better this season. Our cookhouse is featuring sausages made in house as well new and locally-sourced items. Our garden center is packed full of every plant you could ever want. We are still selling the best priced mulch and composts in our mulch yard. We have brought in even more ice cream flavours and we will again be serving Dave Freeze’s home made Sussex Ice Cream.

Our bakers our stocking our shelves with the freshest breads and sweets every day and are also serving a variety of gluten-free items that are impressing everyone. We have developed really great relationships with over 150 local farmers and are using locally sourced produce and goods whenever possible. We carry a broad variety of organic vegetables and we are having a weekly event called organic saturdays where sell a wide variety of organics right out of the case. Can’t wait to see you in our store.

Come and be a part of our 33rd season!

If you want to eat fresh you can’t get any better than straight from the farm. Kredl’s sources the freshest vegetables from local farms.

Come In And Check Us Out, We’d Love To Say Hello!

When you get your groceries at Kredl’s you get:

  • A commitment to transparency in marketing. We have answers!!!
  • A buying team that is committed to supporting over 150 local producers.
  • A huge selection of organics, especially on Saturdays.
  • Fresh baking every day with team members that you can talk to about ingredients.
  • 100% grass fed beef and chicken from farmers with names.

What our customers are saying about us!

We love our customers and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering transparency in marketing!

Hi Guys, just to let you know that the pizza we had last night was SUPER AWESOME DELICIOUS. I am very thankful that we have people like you that grow beautiful and delicious vegetables! I enjoy cooking every evening because of you! Thank You!
S. Bourgeois D. Mercer, Customer
I can’t even say how much you guys have done for us already! Thank you all so much! I have been singing Kredl’s praises since we started shopping there back in the winter market this past year. The produce and all is amazing – but the kindness of your people is something we rarely see!
Tracey Meahan, Customer
I could eat out of your cookhouse everyday.
Mike K, Customer